The jury for the 2018 award

A high-level jury made the final decision about the CTO of the Year awardee based on the nominations made on this website.

Laura Juvonen.jpg
Jorma Turunen.jpg

Laura Juvonen
Executive Director, Growth and Renewal, Technology Industries of Finland
Chairman of the jury


Jorma Turunen
CEO, Technology Industries of Finland


Pekka Soini.jpg

Pekka Soini
Director General, CEO, Business Finland



Harri Kerminen.jpg

Harri Kerminen
Board professional
Former CEO of Kemira



Reetta Kivelä.jpg

Reetta Kivelä
CTO of the Year 2017
CTO, Gold&Green Foods



Reijo Salonen.jpg

Reijo Salonen
CTO of the Year 2017
Former CTO of Orion


Tomas Hedenborg.jpg

Tomas Hedenborg
CEO, Fastems



Tarja Pääkkönen
Partner and Chairman,
Brand Compass Group, BOARDMAN


Pekka Koponen
CEO, Spinverse
Secretary of the jury