Criteria for the CTO of the Year

The nomination period for the CTO of the Year Award was open until the end of December 2017 and the award ceremony took place in early spring 2018 in Helsinki. You could nominate anyone who is responsible for their company's technology in Finland: the nominee's title does not need to be a CTO (Chief Technology Officer). The CTO of the Year is a joint undertaking between Business Finland, Technology Industries of Finland and Spinverse. The CTO of the Year Award is given to exceptional technology leaders who meet the following criteria:

The CTO of the Year:

  • adds significant value to the company's performance through technology
  • has a strong business renewal focus - radical rather than incremental
  • communicates the company's technologies and their benefits to all stakeholders in an understandable way
  • is an inspiring team builder and team leader

The CTO's Company:

  • has a technology-enabled product and service portfolio that is innovative, globally competitive and either already well known or rapidly gaining terrain
  • has built a strong technology collaboration community
  • has strong innovation process encouraging company-wide participation

Societal Impact:

  • The CTO contributes to working groups, societies and other bodies working for development of the society at large and his or her industry in general. In determining the societal impact, contribution relative to the size of the CTO's company matters.